Abortion Controversy. Abortion Debate. Ethics and Abortion.

2. Provide an introduction about the ethical topic. The introduction should be interesting and
capture the reader’s attention.
a. Provide a brief description of the scholarly article, this may be the same as in assignment 1
b. Discuss the purpose of your paper and the implications it has on your future healthcare
c. Continue with the ethical issue that you’re identified in Assignment 1 which is directly related to
your selected ethical topic
d. Summarize in your own words
3. Explore Practical Alternative
a. Don’t limit to the obvious, consider five or more alternative
b. Are the alternative solutions opposing each other?

c. Identify the positive and negative consequences of each alternative
d. Are there guidelines or code of ethics to support an alternative?
4. Complete the Action
a. Clearly describe the problem
b. Provide a list of alternative that were considered
c. Provide a clear rationale for the proposed ethical decision
5. Evaluate the Process and the Outcome
a. What were the most challenging aspects in the decision-making process
b. What is the final outcome?
c. What new problems did the solution create?
6. Summary
a. Summarize the important points related to the ethical topic
b. What did you learn through this process?
c. End with a concluding statement
7. Citations and References must be included to support the information within each section of
the paper. Refer to APA manual https://www.apastyle.org/
8. The reference page must be included and begins as a new page. All references should be
cited in the paper.

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