AC consumption in Saudi Arabia (KSA) Singapore HVAC

Air conditioning (AC) comfort in hot and humid climate (HHC) achieved by conventional
refrigerant-based mechanical chillers, such as reciprocating, centrifugal chillers, screw and
scroll compressors, as well as the heat-driven absorption/adsorption chillers. Over 98% of
the chiller systems globally are work driven chillers, yet beset by high specific energy
consumption (SEC), typically 0.8 to 1.4 kW_elec/Rton. (1 RTon =3.52 kWthermal).
Problem statement:
• Are there any AC systems that can operate with a SEC lower than the existing
kWelec /Rton, < 0.65 kWelec /Rton – an aspire target that is good for
sustainability and environment,
• For the assignment, you have a choice of the city-state of Singapore, or the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, etc..
• From the time history data of gross floor area (GFA), building types, local
weather data, design cooling indices, etc., estimate the annual savings of
electricity, the carbon emission and water consumption (if applicable) for
the mentioned cases.
NB. Group discussion is needed to arrive at a suitable method of cooling (air conditioning). A thorough
understanding of how existing cooling and de-humidification processes are necessary. One should also
refer to and be familiarized with psychometrics’ (thermodynamics of air and water vapor).

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