Accounting and Finance functions are paramount to any organisation

ALPHA Limited is a manufacturing company based in the UK. ALPHA Limited started back in 1954. The company is planning to expand its operations to other parts of UK in the next ten (10) years. The financial statements are attached for your consideration. You are advised to incorporate the suggested amendments/feedback you received from the module leader during the assignment briefing.


Task 1

Accounting and Finance functions are paramount to any organisation. Critically evaluate the role of accounting and finance within any organisation of your choice (i.e. related to your academic discipline/program). Your evaluation must include some examples within the organisation where appropriate.

(40 marks)
Task 2

Using the financial statements for ALPHA Limited calculate the ratios required and comment on the company’s performance from a potential investors perspective.
(50 marks)

Marks will be awarded for Structure. Structure includes the orderly presentation of relevant material
and the extent of research evidenced by the appropriateness and adequacy of in-text referencing and
bibliography. There must be a Cover Page and Contents Page, paragraphs of Introduction, Conclusion
and pages must be numbered.

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