Aging and Medical Care

Aging and Medical Care Writing Exercise

After watching the videos entitled “Cost of Dying” and “Shortcomings of the Medical Model” and reading the consumer reports article on aggressive medical care and the overtreatment in the US article, please write a 4-7 page paper using the following directions.

  • Your paper should be in paragraph form and written like an actual paper (i.e. no short answer responses).
  • Your paper MUST include a reference page with all of your sources in APA format.
  • Your paper should also include in-text citations. (You should give credit in the body of the paper any time you use someone else’s thought or ideas, even if you paraphrase.)
  • You must use the resources provided.
  • You must find a minimum of 1 additional source and include it in your paper and reference page. You can use more, but you must find at least 1 more.
  • I am fine with using first person, it is your argument, but remember your argument should be backed up by research and evidence.
  • You should avoid unscientific resources like Wikipedia!
  • If you do not include a reference page, you will automatically receive a zero.
  • If you do not use in text citations you will automatically receive a zero.


Many people believe that more is better and that this extends to health care. There are many pieces of evidence presented in the videos and articles that address this issue. Please consider this perspective in the light of the evidence presented. In your consideration, be sure to include evidence (such as does it lead to better quality of life? longer life? how do most people wish to die?). Using the evidence presented, present a thoughtful argument for or against aggressive health care. Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion. In your paper, make sure to address the following topics.

  1. What is the medical model and why does the doctor in this video feel that the medical model is failing? (consider the goals, as presented and how it is accomplished).
  2. What is presented as the human development model and how does it differ from the medical model? How might it compliment the medical model?
  3. How might the human development model help people with the process of dying?
  4. How does the current state of health care and insurance maintain and contribute to the problem (consider all evidence provided in the videos and the article. what is the evidence about geography? availability of medical equipment and medical care, how doctors/hospitals are paid, consumer attitudes, and so on.)
  5. What is hospice care and palliative care?
  6. What are other end of life care options that could help individuals during this time?


The following resources are the same resources that are found on blackboard. They are listed here as a backup.

Video Links:

Research articles:

Click link to open resource.

Click link to open resource.

The last chapter in your text book might also be a good resource, especially to discuss hospice and other end of life options.

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