Animal Cruelty in the USA

Essay must have cover page, abstract, narrative/body of the paper.

1. Define the problem related to your topic: What are current issues or concerns related to the issue you wish to discuss. You want to introduce the topic to the reader as if they do not have any knowledge of this topic.
2. Literature Review: What has been written in the literature on this topic? Please contact Lee Adams from the campus library. She can assist you with the location of academic journal articles and other resources. This section should be organized by theme and not a list of each article.
3. What are Possible Solutions?: What are underlying concerns that have resulted in the issue you discuss? What are possible solutions to improving in this area. In this section you might states solutions and provide examples from currently running programs. Make sure you have a strong opening paragraph. Does it clearly highlight what you indent to discuss in the paper?
Keep the writing simple and clear. You want to avoid relying too much on a thesaurus.
Use an active voice instead of a passive voice
Be clear and concise. You want to avoid fluff or redundancy.

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