Baby shaken syndrome

Create an imaginary scenario about the baby shaken syndrome and answer the question.
choose a patient with a common pediatric medical diagnosis. You will investigate the medical problem and its impact on the child and family. The format for the case study presentation is listed below. Think like a nurse, use appropriate terminology, describe issues clearly and concisely, and present your case in an organized format. Maintain client, institution, and staff confidentiality. Include a brief overview of the diagnosis and then narrow it down to the example of the patient you’ve selected.

Age, gender, race, socio-economic information

2) Significant past and present health history

3) Current health issue(s)/reason for admission

Where the patient and family are in the disease process

4) Physical assessment

Identify ONLY what is relevant to the patient’s case study; do not list assessment on systems no pertinent to the child’s present condition

5) Diagnostics

Identify ONLY pertinent testing that has impacted medical or nursing plan of care (imaging, labs, procedures) do not list every test ordered for the patient!

6) Interventions

Identify appropriate nursing/medical interventions

7) Medications

Pertinent to primary diagnosis and why

8) Interview patient/family

Regarding their experiences with diagnosis, treatment, and hospital stay

Create an organized FLYER format to share with the group including the above topics.

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