Biopsychosocial and Treatment plan assignment

students will choose a student they have worked with (or are currently working with) in their practicum and complete a biopsychosocial assessment and treatment plan on their chosen student. *

Biopsychosocial should include the following:

Biological factors
– Age and gender
– Genetic dispositions
– Complications during mother’s pregnancy with student
– Delays in early development (crawling, eating, walking, talking, potty training, etc.)
– Medical illnesses
– Surgical history
– Prescription medications
– Lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep)
– History of physical abuse/trauma

Psychological factors
– History of a mental health diagnosis
– General behavior and affect
– History of emotional abuse/trauma
– Coping skills
– Current or history of suicidal ideation and/or attempt
– Life stressors
– Is the student receiving psychotherapy?

Social factors
– Who the student considers to be their family
– Who they live with at home
– Positive relationships, who they receive support from
– Hobbies and activities
– Religious affiliation
– Community support
– Student strengths
– School history (behavior, grades, etc.)

Treatment plan Students will identify a brief treatment plan for their chosen student. This can be a treatment plan that you have already used, or one that you make up. The treatment plan should include the following:
– What is the main issue(s) you are wanting to address in your plan? How is the issue interfering with engaging in school?
– What is the overarching goal(s) (outcomes) you and your student have decided upon?
– What steps (objectives) will you set in place in order for your student to reach their goal?
– What intervention do you think is most appropriate to use in order to reach your student’s goal? Why? What does the research say about the intervention or the problem you are trying to address?
– How long will this treatment plan last?
– How often and for how long will you meet with your student?
– Have you obtained the necessary permission from parents, have you talked to teachers or observed the student?
– Where will you meet with your student?
– How will you track your student’s progress?
– If an outside referral is needed, identify where you will refer the student/family?



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