Business Prospectus Proposal Report

For this assignment, you will create a hypothetical company. This company will be the basis for several of the activities in this class, as well as the Business Prospectus Assignment, which is due at the end of the quarter. You should give your company a name, briefly describe the product or service your company will provide, and explain why you want to create this company. The company you create should be realistic, and it should be based on a product or service you would actually want and be able to provide. In terms of scale, assume you will have $50,000 in start-up capital to get the company off the ground—the purpose of the Business Prospectus Assignment is to persuade investors to provide more capital for your business.

Possible examples:

  • A writing consulting company.
  • A food truck.
  • A neighborhood coffee shop.
  • A photography service.
  • A training consultant.
  • A graphic design consultant.

By the end of your project proposal, one should have a very good sense of your project and a clear understanding of your preliminary sources. If not, one will ask you to resubmit (not for a higher grade, but for clarification of your ideas). The proposal should detail these TWO aspects of your project:

  1. what you plan to do: the company’s name, a description of a realistic product or service your company will provide, why you want to create this company, etc. AND
  2. how you plan to do it: 3-4 annotated bibliographies of sources you plan to use in the company & industry, market analysis, and financial plan sections of the prospectus—use reputable sources ONLY

Here’s an example proposal from a previous student in this course


The proposal should be 2-3 pages, single-spaced, written in memo format, block style. Be sure to use headings and/or lists to group, organize, and signal content. Do not use underline. Sources should be in APA format.


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