Challenges Facing the U.S. Health Care System.

Challenges Facing the U.S. Health Care System.
Option #2: Students are required to identify the major challenges facing the U.S. health care

Then they are to discuss how one or any of these challenges might contribute to health

Use Chapter 15 and the additional reading provided, which is an example of one
challenge you could discuss [Improving Access to Health Care].

You may also utilize another scholarly research article of your choosing that is not older than 2005. Again, the more research
you cite, the stronger your essay will be.
For both options, from your syllabus:
Essays should be at least one full page in length and no more than 1 1/2 pages, double-spaced.
Essays should be formatted for 1” margins and Times New Roman 12-point font. You must
submit essays in Rich Text Format (.rtf), Word (.doc or .docx), or paste essay in the box

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