Changes in Organizations Dynamics

Choose two ways that organizations have changed over the years and provide a past to current summary, integrating theory and personal perspectives.

• Your discussion should include any of the previous chapter concepts, including the readings from this week.
o Previous chapter concepts were
 An introduction to organizations and organization
 The three perspectives
 Combing perspectives
 Technology and organization boundaries
 Organizational goal setting
 Organizational environment and networks
 The changes of organizations

• At least 2,100 -2,200 words– APA 7th Professional
• At least 7 scholarly citations Must support assertions in APA format within the last 5 years
• Must integrate at least 1 biblical principle.– I would like the common English bible version used
o (Common English Bible. (2013). YouVersion Bible Online. (Original work published 2011)
• Course textbook is: Scott, W. R. (2015). Organizations and organizing: Rational, natural, and open systems perspectives. Routledge.


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