Chase Sapphire Case Analysis

Hypothesis creation
3. Follow Expository Essay Structure
4. For EACH question:
> 2 pages max
> Must have hypothesis statement
> Must follow “Expository Essay” structure
> Must cite minimum of two relevant, supporting references
> Pull in learnings from this course and this case
Answer two questions 2 pages each:
1. Based on your learnings from the Chase Sapphire Case along with any relevant, supporting research, what specific strategies would you recommend to JPMorgan to build customer lifetime value (CLV) and customer brand value (CBV) as the Chase Sapphire customers progress through a.) acquisition stage, and b. retention stage of the customer lifecycle?
2. Using the “Design Thinking” process, take us through the creation of the “Chase Sapphire 2030 Card”; focusing on the future of the Chase credit card. Support your “creation” with specifics from the Case. In the concluding paragraph, make a recommendation to senior management re: the best path forward.

Develop 2-3 hypotheses for each question– statement that must be true for your idea to work

APA 7th style

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