Client Assessment Interview and Goal Setting

Conduct an assessment of an individual client/consumer from your field placement agency.  Using content learned in this, and other courses (specifically SWRK 160 and SWRK 161) conduct an assessment interview with your client including the setting of tentative initial goals.  The interview should be between 20 – 30 minutes in length.  Based on your interview, address the following requirements for the paper:

PROCESS RECORDING: See sample in Canvas and in your Field Manual

  1. Process Recording – Interview Dialogue – Based on notes of a client/consumer interview, use a process recording format to type the dialogue of the interview.
  2. Process Recording – Skill Classification – Based on the typed interview, identify the skills used during the interview. This would include the use of open-ended questions, use of focusing questions, reflection of feeling, clarification etc.
  3. Process Recording – Process Comments – Based on the typed interview content and the skill assessment, comment on the content of the interview. What is your response to the skill you used?  What were you thinking when you asked a specific question?

The above covers your process recording table and below are the sections of your paper.

Paper or Power Point

  1. Introductions, Purpose and Confidentiality – Explain how the beginning phase of the interview went and how confidentiality was ensured during the interview. What will you do with the recording after the assignment is completed?
  2. Identifying Information – This is intended to introduce the client/consumer to the reader. Basic identifying information such as the name (fictitious to maintain confidentiality), age, ethnicity, marital status, occupation, etc. should be included.  Use a genogram to explain the client / consumers position in the family structure.
  3. Reason for Referral – A brief description of the problem(s) / need(s) that brought the client/consumer to the agency in which you are placed (this should include the individual/agency who referred the client/consumer to your agency)
  4. History of Presenting Problem(s)/Needs(s) – A brief history of the presenting problem(s) / need(s). If you have permission, gather information from other relevant sources such as family, school, etc.  Be sure to include specific information about the onset, frequency, duration and severity of the presenting concerns(s).
  5. Current Functioning – A description of the client’s strengths and functioning in major domains such as school, occupation, social, emotional and health. Include cultural aspects of the client that may be pertinent such as religion/spirituality, disability, sexual orientation, etc.
  6. Community Context – A description of the home, neighborhood and community content. IF an eco-map is used to conduct the interview attach it to the paper. Or, describe and attach what type of assessment tool was used to conduct your interview.
  7. Summary – Summarize your findings. Describe next steps to be taken with the client / consumer.



This paper or power point needs to use a 12 point Times New Roman font and organized using the headings above.  Grammar and sentence structure need to be correct.  APA referencing needs to be used.

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