Clinical Scenario Assignment Sample

The clinical scenario must address the following criteria:

Describe the following (under the following headings/sub-headings):

Provide a succinct introduction on the provided scenario
Clinical history – identify the history types and how it correlates to the primary diagnosis
Imaging procedure requirements
Clinical question – what is the primary diagnosis?

Interpretation of the Imaging Request Form:
What would you have done differently (based on how you would have interpreted the request form) if you had the opportunity to perform the examination?
Would you do anything differently, next time a similar request comes to you?

Imaging Modality:
Identify the imaging projections taken.
If other images are required beyond the standard protocol, what criteria is used to select these images and how does it relate to the primary diagnosis?
What differential diagnosis are possible if this examination did not answer the clinical question (primary diagnosis)?

Images (Anatomy of ROI):
Annotate each image (markers etc – identify the pathology)
Label the relevant normal anatomy and any pathology/injury on the images
Describe the image appearances in relation to injury/pathology

Image Critique:
You are required to evaluate the images using the relevant criteria. Ensure that all aspects of the image(s) are critically evaluated.

Radiographic Image Interpretation:
List & describe your findings. Apply a logical approach applicable to the primary diagnosis using the appropriate descriptive terminology
Describe the type of injury/pathology with valid research evidence
Give the most common etiologies
Describe the etiology related to the pathology from the clinical history and the radiographic findings.
What is the predicted outcome of this injury/pathology?
Describe briefly, any potential complication(s) of this injury/pathology?
Patient management
Briefly describe treatment is there any surgical intervention or any medication needed for managing this injury /pathology

Deteriorating patient:
A radiographer, was the only person in the resuscitation room at the time. The medical team stepped out of the room as the x-rays were being taken. The radiographer started to position the detector for the CXR, he noticed that the patient’s sats dropped to 95 and the respiratory rate increased rapidly.
What does this indicate?
What should the radiographer do once he notices this change in the patient’s medical status?

Provide a clear and concise conclusion based on the areas reviewed in this case study

The assignment must be properly referenced using the APA style of referencing including in-text citation as well as final reference list. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in a significant penalty.

The presentation of your assignment must be neat and appear as a formal document. (Avoid any unnecessary artwork)



This assignment will be submitted as individual assessment as a Microsoft Word document and a PDF version of the same (any other format will not be accepted).
The assignment must be categorised under each of the headings/sub-headings based on the criteria above.
The maximum word limit for the assignment is 4000 words. Your assignment must be comprehensive. submissions below 4000 words is acceptable. (word count includes ALL words). Do not waffle/padding. Write succinctly.


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