Cocaine and it’s neuropsychological effects

The main goal for this term paper assignment is to follow the term paper template and grading rubric, while ensuring that you explore how the drug you chose works either recreationally to cause a mental health/neuropsychological condition. However, please make certain to stick to one mental health/neuropsychological condition and one drug as it is a simple term paper and not a thesis. It has to be an APA style 7th Ed. 5-8 page paper (i.e., excluding title, abstract, and reference pages) on a substance use and abuse disorder for the recreational drug of your choice(which is cocaine). Please note that you will have to cover both the medical, psychiatric, and psychological benefits and risks for the drug you chose. The paper must include ONLY PEER-REVIEWED RESOURCES (i.e., with 10 references).


Length: Minimum 5 pages, maximum 8 pages excluding title, abstract and reference pages, double spaced, and Times New Roman 12 point font. Required 10 peer-reviewed articles as references from within the last 10 years.

(2) COMPONENTS: Title page, abstract, introduction with background and significance of neuropsychological disorder, the brain regions and neurochemical pathways involved in the disorder, the behavioral symptoms of this disorder, and what therapies are being utilized to

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