Cognitive Theory Project Planning assignment

Cognitive Theory Project Planning assignment

Your goal with this project is to create a work of art meant to persuade the viewer about a particular idea. You must decide on a target audience and a specific message about which you are trying to convince them.

After brainstorming, fill in this document with your project plans and submit the document as a PDF to Canvas saved as LastnameFirstname_cognitive_part1.pdf. Be sure to review the project grading rubric before submission.

Target Audience Description:

In this section, describe the audience you wish to reach with your message. Be as specific as possible, listing demographic information (age/sex/education level/income/life stage/etc.) as well as psychographic information (likes/dislikes/beliefs/opinions on certain matters, etc.).

Message Summary:

In this section, write a 1–sentence objective of what you’re trying to persuade that audience to do or believe.

Examples: To persuade my target audience to donate blood. To persuade my target audience to believe recycling makes a difference.

Research/Development – Mental Processes:

After viewing the presentation, “Vision and the Communication Process,” in Module: Week 3, fill out the development information in the sections below. Provide a minimum of 2 sentences in response to each prompt.

Memory–how do you plan to connect your visuals with any memories the target audience may have?

Recognition–which company, cause, or concept will your audience be able to recognize inside your visual?

Comparison–what do you want your target audience to compare this advertisement to? How will you accomplish this?

Salience/Relevance–what visual and/or textual plans do you have in place to make your project relevant to your target audience?

Association–do you plan to design your project in such a way that the audience would associate the visual with an event or activity? What is your plan for this?

Analysis–what distinct elements do you want your target audience to identify?

Interpretation–how are you trying to persuade the audience? Note: This is not of WHAT you are trying to persuade the audience, but rather how the content of your project will persuade your audience.

Research/Development – Mental Activities:

After reading Chapter 2 in the textbook, fill out the development information in the sections below. Be sure to include plans to account for 3 of the mental activities that can affect visual perception. For each of your selected mental activities, briefly define the activity and your plan for how to counteract that within your project.










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