Color and Emotions

Color and Emotion. We noted that we automatically associate certain emotions with certain colors (for example, bright, pure yellow is a “cheerful” color). This emotional-expressive content of colors provides a rich resource for artists to draw from in creating emotionally expressive works of visual art. We distinguished the question of which colors go with which emotions (the color yellow is cheerful) and the question of what explains why colors have the emotional-expressive meaning they do (why is yellow a cheerful color?). Find an artwork that relies on color to express or engage emotions. Focus on the use of one or two colors in the artwork you choose and address these two questions.

Use Images at the end of the paper (Credit the artist) and a brief comment on how it relates to the topic.

Links to good museum websites:

Metropolitan Museum, NYC:

Museum of Modern Art, NYC:

Frick Museum, NYC:

Whitney Museum, NYC:

National Gallery, Washington DC:

The Lourve Museum, Paris:

The Tate Museums, Britain:

The RISD Museum, Providence:

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