Communication and Careers Assignment

Communication and Careers Assignment

Step 1: Search and Select a Job Description

Search on Indeed, a company/organization website, or a similar job search site to find a job opening that interests you.
Once you have selected the job, save the job posting/description in a word document or pdf. file. Name the saved job description with the full job title or a portion of the job title and your last name (e.g. CommunicationsSpecialistFarmer).
You will upload the saved job description as part of your assignment submission.
Step 2: Match Your Skills to the Job Requirements

Create a comprehensive skills match table that matches your transferrable skills, experience, attributes, strengths to the job description (job duties). You may choose to use the example table below or create your own.
Example Table

Primary Duties

Matched transferrable skills/experience

Design and produce content for email communications

Experience with designing and composing effective communications including emails using a variety of systems (e.g. outlook)


Proficient in writing content and utilizing a variety of technology; implementation of email campaigns

Minimum Qualifications


2 years experience in communications

Worked at XYZ organization for 2 + years with primary role of admin assistant creating weekly email communications to the department



Preferred Qualifications


Demonstrated experience creating and implementing communication campaigns utilizing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.


Experienced with designing and implementation of email campaigns in CRM and similar email technology

Step 3: Select Templates and Submit Cover Letter and Résumé

Referencing your skills match table:

Select a template then compose your résumé for chosen job description. Use a résumé template or create your own.

Your résumé should include key details such as your contact information, your profile (e.g. a narrative summarizing your career/employments goals, skills, aspirations, etc.), education, training, work history/experience, skills, and, you may choose to include other categories such as awards/honors, volunteer work, languages, certifications, etc. Utilize appropriate headings for qualifications, work experience, and education, etc. Reference Chapter 15 on formatting, writing techniques, and tips. Be sure to check your grammar and spelling.
Select a template then write your cover letter. Use a cover letter template or create your own.
You cover letter should include an opening statement, body of content, and a closing statement. Write out statements corresponding to the job requirements adding additional comments on how your competencies, educations, and Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) match up to what is indicated as requirements for the job.
Final Step Before Submission: Ask one or two people to review your Cover Letter and Résumé

Once your résumé and cover letter are fully written. Find one or two people within your network (co-worker, supervisor, classmate, student peer, a friend, or community/family member) or reach out to a career development specialist to review your cover letter and résumé. Consider contacting FRCC Career Service for resources, helpful information, and to set up an appointment with a Career Service Representative. Consider your reviewers perspective, qualifications, as well as their experience with providing advice résumé and cover letter edits and advice. Make adjustments to your cover letter and résumé based on feedback as you deem appropriate.
Ask the reviewer to evaluate your résumé and cover letter for readability, conciseness, spelling, grammar, and most importantly to provide written feedback so that you may use that to edit and improve your documents.
Write a short summary of who you selected to review your résumé and cover letter and the results of the review. Did they provide useful feedback, were correction made, etc.

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