Community Policing and Local Private Security

Read all the required documents and then Examine challenges in community policing and local private security in terms of: what actors are involved in these areas of policing; (2) which modalities of power they use (refer to “power” document for this); (3) the instrumental, structural and conceptual relationships of these policing matters to political economy; (4) and the impacts of their activities for different groups of people (citizens, racialized individuals, poor individuals, denizens), especially with respect to the formation of political identity (5) suggestions for policy to address these challenges (please refer to the
“Loader” documents for this).
You do not have to provide a conclusion.
Although your paper will be used to inform Canadian policy, you can draw upon developments from around the world either because you feel they are transnational issues that Canada should be involved in, or because particular developments overseas indicate positive or negative possible futures for
Your thesis statement should state what you are focusing on (community policing and local private policing), the modalities of power involved, its connection to political economy, and the troubles that this poses for citizens and denizens.

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