Conflict Theory in Cohabitations Relationships and Marriage

Write a research paper from researching empirical articles about a theory or topic identified in the textbook on marriage and family.
You may choose any topic from the textbook that you would like to learn more about. Your topic should be narrow enough to be able to write the paper without being overwhelmed, and broad enough to gather enough information for the paper requirements. See the example below to help you develop your paper topic:
Broad topic: Relationships
Subtopic: Cohabitation
Paper Topic: The observed differences between cohabitation and marriage
Your paper needs to have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Minimum of 3 pages in length, not including your title and reference page.
Minimum of 3 Empirical References (Search the CTC online library).
Double spaced. Use size 12 font Times New Roman.
Set margins to one-inch on all sides.
Be sure to include your name/course title on the first page.
Write in complete sentences, academic language, and correct spelling.
APA documentation style must be used when citing references.
Your paper will be run through Safe Assign to prevent plagiarism.
Direct quotes should not take up more than 20% of your paper.
Must contain an attention grabber for the reader or at least make the essay sound interesting, may begin with a quote about the particular topic.
Provides the reader with a “road map” of the essay in a logical order.
At the end, there should be what is called a thesis statement, arguably the most important component of the introduction.
The thesis statement states the aim of the paper and may give insight into the author’s examples and evidence. Example: This paper seeks to examine the observed differences between cohabitation and marriage.
Includes the empirical evidence and support of the paper in addition to the author’s ideas.
Paragraphs must include a topic sentence which relates the discussion back to the thesis statement.
Organize the topics logically where they flow well from one topic to the next.
Ensure that transition sentences are present to create a good flow.
Include substantial examples and evidence to support your argument and remember to use in-text citations when you are providing any information, definition, or data from your articles. The in-text citation should be formatted like this example at the end of the sentence (author’s last name, year of publication).
Direct quotations should not take up any more than 15 to 20% of your paper. It is important that you rephrase the information to be in your own words as you report the research, but you do need to still use in-text citations.
At least one body paragraph needs to address the core objective of social responsibility. This section needs to address and articulate cultural insights and awareness with the topic researched. State the cultural understanding of the topic or differences that occur among cultures. State the significance of education and awareness of this topic among all cultural groups.
This section should wrap all of your arguments and points.
Should restate the main arguments in a simplified manner.
Ensure that the reader is left with something to think about.

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