Construction Project Risk Management

The aim of this coursework is to enable students to understand construction project risk
management system, to apply learned knowledge of risk analysis techniques and methods to
analyze risks and to encourage students to give their opinions.
You are not allowed to select the Swansea Tidal Lagoon as your topic area as this has been
presented with detailed research in the workshop.
• To describe the importance of construction project risk management.
• To select a construction project/sub-project;
• To collect risk information and data;
• To identify hazards (or risks) and uncertainties by appropriate technology, e.g.
brainstorming/checklist etc.
• To analyze risks of a project/sub-project and pay attention to appropriate technology,
e.g. risk matrix/cash flow/FTA/ETA etc;
• To analyze outputs and give suggestions of risk reduction.
• To write a formal report fully describing the project and risk management and the
improvement recommended.

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