Current Issue in Health Care Finance or Economics

The American health care system is filled with frenetic change and events. This assignment encourages students to be aware of how health care is provided, funded, or improved.

Please reflect on a current issue in health care (any medically-related economic issue that strongly relates to a current event). This requires you to select a current event and that you connect how it impacts our health care system, funding for health care, or improving health care outcomes.

Please select an issue or event, based upon reliable reporting, and provide a “teaching” synopsis of your topic. Two sources are expected that must originate from a credible media source, i.e., newspaper item, magazine article (Time, Newsweek, Dayton Daily News, etc.), or special report, the utilization of peer-reviewed journals are also encouraged.

Provide a detailed response about the issue or event and explain its significance. Provide at least two sources, including online links (if available, and APA citation). Fully describe and explain the issue and how it connects to topics in this course.

Synthesize your views regarding the issue into the discussion. 500 word-minimum discussion is expected with two references formatted per APA guidelines. Program Outcome #6: Incorporates current knowledge, theory, and research into health professions practice

Course Objective: Be able to provide research on the national and local healthcare policy The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to explore current events that affect healthcare economics and finances.

Ideally, students will read about issues that emotionally affect them, encouraging a deeper understanding of these topics.

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