Customer Behavior Analysis

Performing a customer behavior analysis is becoming increasingly important for reasons including

content personalization, customer value, content optimization, and customer retention. In relevant

example, a research study conducted by Accenture (2017) indicated that 41% of customers switched

companies in 2017 due to poor personalization while 49% asserted that they expect special recognition

when they are a “good customer.”

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a customer behavior analysis. Students are required to select a company’s product or service that is being sold in an online platform such as Amazon and

Instagram where they could have access to a high number of customer reviews. The instructor must

approve this selection. To conduct a customer behavior analysis, students must complete the following


Segment your audience.

Identify the key benefits for each group.

Allocate quantitative data (e.g., subscription data, social media insights, and product usage reports).

Compare your quantitative and qualitative data to identify some recurring trends.

Apply your analysis to a campaign by offering recommendations to improve the company’s existing

marketing efforts

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