Data analysis and communicating findings

Each note should be composed of four parts:
Description of everything observed or that can be remembered
Identify a research study in your field ( health science /nursing) Feel free to use the ones that you have referenced in the discussions or in your literature review.
A critique of the research article’s Analysis section:
What type of data was used? Do you think this was the most appropriate data to use for this study? Why or why not?
How did the researchers analyze the data? What sort of statistics were provided?
How did the researchers present the data (e.g., charts, tables, figures, etc.)? Where are they used appropriately? Did they help you better understand the analysis?
A critique of the Results section:
Are the conclusions about the results logical? Are the implications, limitations, and recommendations for further research included?
Are they relevant to the current study and appropriate for furthering the literature in that area?
Based on your understanding of research methods, provide an overall statement of your analysis. Would you recommend this article to someone who might benefit from the information? Explain how it might (or might not) be applicable in practice.
See file for topic and references

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