Death and Dying Research Project

The goal of this assignment is for you to achieve an understanding some social and
sociological element of death in dying that extends beyond course material. You will pick a topic in the
death and dying, find at least 5 sociological research studies on the topic, and do public sociology (i.e.,
take sociological and sociologically-minded research and make it accessible a general audience). This
involves 2 things: 1) Translating academic work in a way into language that someone who has never
taken a sociology course – and, perhaps, has never attended college – can understand; and 2)
Presenting that translation in a familiar, recognizable way. You will accomplish this through Vox
“Explained”-style article.
Project assignment breakdown:
Research proposal: April 15 (2.5pts)
Progress report: May 6 (2.5pts)
Final Project: May 20 (35pts)
I will upload 5 different files that are all

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