Description of Healthcare Facility

You must construct a hypothetical health care facility (community hospital, skilled nursing facility, or mental health facility etc.). This is based on the components of real facilities. The factors must be realistic. Keep in mind that everything cost. Do not use real names. If you are employed in a heath care facility you may use your place of employment (again, do not use the real name of the facility). You may use any resources available to you in obtaining the following: (Minimum of 1000 words)

Size of the facility (number of beds) and the approximate land area that it occupies
Type of facility (services provided) (General Hospital, Skill Nursing Facility etc.)
Payment type (private, public, non-profit, etc.)
Organizational type (hierarchy etc.)
Culture and climate of the organization
Organizational leaders and stakeholders
Organizational communication type (Top-down, etc.)
Location of the healthcare facility and population size (state and local area)
Demographics of the area’s population.
Hint: Locate a facility on the internet that is equal in size to the one you are constructing and come in proximity of their makeup.

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