Developing a Strategic Plan for Business

Develop a strategic plan and strategy implementation process for your business organization. You may address a specific business needs and define the
needs in terms of the public trust and responsibility of your organization. Provide research examples to support the development of your Program Portfolio
Project overview. Refer to the Announcement.
Requirements :
The similarity report should be under 24%. Anything over 24% will receive a 0.
should be in APA format (refer to video)
include an introduction, body and conclusion
written in paragraph form
all paragraphs should be indented.
paragraphs consist of at least 5 sentences.
clear, concise, and meaningful manner
Include in text citations
Have a reference page
Clear, concise, and meaningful
4 -Page minimum
(1) Title Page, (2) Content Page and Reference page (1)
Please be mindful of the length.
Grammatically sound
No abstracts, figures or appendixes needed for your three-page papers.

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