Diabete’s Teaching Plan

Diabetes is a major health problem in the United States and worldwide. Hinkle (2019) estimates
that one in three adults may have the diagnosis of diabetes by the year 2050. Reducing the
burden of diabetes is a goal of Healthy People 2020 (2019). With this information in mind, the
successful management of diabetes depends on self-care and self-management of the person
diagnosed with the disease.
Patient teaching is very important to the management of diabetes. Correct use of insulin, selftesting of glucose, use of other technology such as insulin pumps, and vigilance about
preventing and detecting complications are key teaching topics.
Please choose one of the topics and develop a detailed teaching plan with an emphasis on selfmanagement. Be sure to include a collaborative suggestion for another professional who would
be involved in the teaching plan. Inclusion of culture, client developmental level, and socioeconomic factors should be considered.
Initial Post
For your first post, please select one of the topics below and address the question(s). Consider
briefly looking at the topics in the appropriate chapters or reading the position statements linked
in the assigned readings.
A nine-year-old male patient with newly diagnosed type one diabetes. You are caring for this
child and his parents in the pediatric unit and need to provide essential teaching related to
diabetes so the patient can be discharged home before seeing the pediatric endocrinologist in a
few days.
Textbook Readings
Burchum, J. R., & Rosenthal, L.D. (2019). Lehne’s pharmacology for nursing care (10th ed.).
Chapter 57: Drugs for Diabetes Mellitus (pp. 674-710)
Hinkle, J., & Cheever, K. (2018). Brunner and Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical
nursing (14th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.

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