Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Please complete the required readings and then submit one research question that is relevant to business practice and has not yet been addressed by current research in the field (based on these five articles).

Please briefly discuss the current state of knowledge (based on this article), why your research question is important and what issue/knowledge gap exists in practice that scholars can bring evidence to inform (2-page discussion for each research question).

The table that explains Components of Engaged Scholarships (Word Document) I need 2 pages of details to cover the six areas in the document-based of the Article: How leaders perceive employee deviance Blaming victims while excusing favorites.

This means that the paper is to be familiar with the theoretical rationale, methodology, and primary findings or conclusions are drawn in each article. A critical reading of each article should also enable you to discuss additional issues that the article raises. While these issues may include anything that the students find interesting or important, examples might include (a) what are the scope and boundaries of the findings of this study, given issues such as sample and methodology, (b) what other theoretical perspectives might be relevant to this topic, (c) what are the major strengths of this paper, (d) what are its primary contributions, (e) how might this study be used as a springboard for further study of this topic, and (f) how might this study be relevant to other topics within or outside of management?

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