Effects of Vaping. Effects of Secondhand Smoke.


Find two scientifically-based articles or papers about your topic using the appropriate databases (JSTOR, ScienceDirect). No biased websites or NPO sources should be used.
Organize the information you have researched. Each presentation should have a clear introduction (discuss the organisms involved, the habitat, history, etc.), then discuss the problem or issue, then conclude with the solution and current status. The presentation should be 5 minutes in length and be comprised of about 5 slides of content. You should use appropriate scientific terms as they apply to your topic, which will be included in the associated chapter in the book.
Format: Title slide must be included. Use a background that is not too busy and color choices should be muted. Slides should include pictures and graphs/diagrams as needed. Font should never be smaller than 20pt. End with a “Questions?” slide.

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