Elements of Employee Relations

Native English-speaking writer please.
Approximately 1000+ words per question.
This is based on Irish law so would need to reference Irish websites and irish books such as ‘Industrial Relations in Ireland by Patrick Gunnigle’.
Please support your discussion by reference to relevant legislation and case law (where appropriate) and examples.
You are employed as a HR manager by a non-unionised Chinese multinational company which is expanding into Ireland. The Board of Directors are unfamiliar with the Employee Relations framework in Ireland. They have asked you to write a detailed report answering the following questions in order to address these main areas of concern:
1. Trade Unions –
What purposes do trade unions serve? and
Discuss the view that trade unions have lost their relevance in Ireland.
(Please find attached college slides named Trade Unions & Trade Unions additional slides & also excel sheet. Please provide evidence of additional research outside slides)
2. Managing Workplace Conflict
Describe in detail the role played by the Labour Court in the prevention and resolution of workplace conflict.
(Please find attached college slides title ‘The Labour Court’.

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