Employee handbook assignment

Policies may include:

Sexual Harassment Policy
ADA Policy
Workers Compensation Policy
FMLA Policy
Age Discrimination
Midterm Rubric

Clearly identify three HR and/or Course-related policies using the template provided. If you do not use the template you MUST use the format of the template. Meaning addressing all of the headings and sub-headings, – thirty points.
Identify HR regulations and standards as they relate to the policy. For example, a non-discrimination policy needs to identify the regulation i.e. Title VII, and include what is regulatory mandated, twenty-five points.
Identify the industry, and employee population, and provide detailed background information related to the company and industry, twenty-five points.
Addressed industry and details of the organization i.e. number of employees, flow, and grammar, twenty-five points.
Minimum of 5 pages not including a reference page, APA format, and 5 references, twenty-five points.
The total points for this handbook are one-hundred thirty points.

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