Eric Erikson stated that late adulthood involves integrity or despair

This journal assignment has two parts. Don’t forget to answer all questions in each part.
Part 1: Eric Erikson stated that late adulthood involves integrity or despair. Answer the following questions based upon Erikson’s last stage of psychosocial
1. Define Erikson’s definition of integrity. Note: Only the textbook definition of integrity is an acceptable answer. Points will be deducted for other integrity definitions.
2. Based upon the material in Chapter 13, list and discuss 3 techniques older people use to prioritize their lives so they can die with integrity.
Part 2 – Spouse Loss
3. A female who has lost her spouse is called a widow and a man who has lost his spouse is called a widower. According to the Holmes Rahe Stress Readjustment Scale, losing a spouse is the most stressful life event a person will ever go through. Chapter 13 in your book has a box quoting female widows as they grieve for their husbands. Based upon the book material and people you know who have lost a spouse, list and describe 5 things you can do for them while they are grieving and adjusting to their loss…….. Use book Experiencing the Lifespan – Janet Belsky 4th Edition

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