Ethical decision-making

This assignment is designed to demonstrate your understanding of ethical decision-making from an academic perspective. In other words, you are to base your discussions on academic literature, not on personal opinions.

In section one, explain the most salient points made in the academic literature concerning ethical decision-making processes.
Your analysis should include, at a minimum, the article, Ethical Decision-Making: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going by Ann Tenbrunsel and Kristin Smith-Crowe (located in week six reading).
You should address at least the concepts of moral awareness, moral decision-making, and amoral decision-making and the main components that impact each.
Tenbrunnsel and Smith-Crowe’s article provides an abundance of information from the literature—probably far too much to fit into this paper. It will be incumbent on you to decide what is sufficiently supported and noteworthy such that it should be included in your paper.
While not required, you’re encouraged to use other sources to assist you in understanding the topic and to give you resources from which you can draw different views or support your discussion in section 2. This short article may give you a helpful overview of the topic.
Discuss at least one ethical issue that is arguably present in public safety that is, could be, or should be, impacted by the lessons learned from your research related to ethical decision-making. Below are some potential points for discussion. You are NOT limited to using any of the examples nor should you; if you decide to use one, necessarily stick with the parameters in which it is addressed in the example. You should use your own analysis and critical thinking skills to address whatever ethical issue in public safety you choose.
Your paper should be:
Six to eight pages not including the cover page and works cited
1” margins and double spaced with no extra spaces

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