Ethical Dilemma in an Organization

In summary, format, reintroduce your organization, the ethical dilemma, and the philosophical principles and obligations that you discussed in your first Application.
➢ For leaders to lead an ethical organization, they must beware of—and understand how to—use both internal and external controls. Discuss both types of controls that are at the disposal of your organization’s leadership, citing the Cooper text (Chapter 6).
➢ Identify current specific structures, controls, and/or policies essential to addressing the ethical dilemma upon which you are focused. For example, internally is there a hierarchical structure to your organization that can be employed to help with decision making? Is there a board to which leadership is accountable? Externally, are there legal structures that, at least in theory, should ensure ethical decisions are being made or due to weaknesses in the structures, are allowing unethical decisions?
➢ Considering what may be needed in the future. For example, what new internal structures, controls, and/or policies and procedures are required to address the ethical dilemma? (Note: Do not attempt to identify solutions to the ethical issue; rather, address the organization’s structures that can help to address the ethical dilemma.)
➢ How would you envision implementing these new structures, controls, and/or policies and procedures? What would be required to implement these changes?
➢ What needs to occur, external to the organization itself, to support the ethical decision that is needed, which you identified in your first Application?
➢ Summarize the key elements of your paper in the concluding paragraph(s).
Please include 5 pages, not including the title and references page. And please include 5 references in addition to at least 2 references to Cooper.

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