Ethics Equality and Equity

I’ve included 2 papers before this one describing my organization and ethical challenge.
In summary, format, reintroduce your organization, the ethical challenge you are addressing, and the philosophical principles and obligations that you have stated stakeholders must consider. Refer to your first two papers for this requirement.
Explain with sufficient detail Steps 3–5 of Cooper’s model for ethical decision making:
Step 3: When considering the ethical decision, identify the possible solutions.
Step 4: Describe the likely outcomes for each of these options.
Step 5: Choose what you believe is the best option and, including ethical principles, justify the reason for your decision.
As you envision the implementation of your ethical decision, discuss the:
Obstacles you anticipate
Steps you can take to minimize those possible objections
Organizational structures, policies, or controls which are essential to ensure the enactment of your decision
Integrate into your discussion how the decision you identified contributes to positive social change. That is, how does your solution contribute to the advancement of human rights and liberty? How does it contribute to justice and expand equity?
Add a conclusion that summarizes the key elements of your paper.
Please include 7 references not including Cooper and in-text citations all in APA format.

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