Ethics in qualitative research

For this first assignment, construct a 5-7 page paper that:
a) details the ethical considerations in embarking upon a qualitative research project;
b) proposes a qualitative project via two well-written research questions (RQ) and 2-3 semi-structured interview questions for each (RQ); and
c) identifies the target populations, as well as any ethical challenges you might expect to encounter where completing such a project is concerned.
Your paper should utilize sound critical thought, liberally refer to and cite course materials, and be written in APA-format (to include a title page, abstract, properly formatted in-text citations and a reference page). Any research topic is acceptable as long as it has an application to psychology and allows you to demonstrate your learning of qualitative research principles taught thus far in the course.
Make sure that you use properly APA formatted subheadings in your work clearly demarcating your introduction, general ethical considerations in qualitative methods, research questions and justification for those questions, your target population, anticipated ethical challenges unique to your study, and finally your conclusion. Remember that the crux of this assignment is about ethics in qualitative research and not an in-depth and detailed research proposal. Therefore, ethics should be the overarching theme throughout your essay

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