Evidence based patient safety in healthcare practice report

A written evidence based report exploring in-depth non-technical skill and its relevance to patient safety in healthcare practice.
• A written 3000 word evidence based assignment exploring an aspect of human factors in detail.
• Integrate a specific prospective or retrospective simulation case experience to human factors theory including reflection for future practice.
An example suitable format
1. Introduction & general background
2. Literature Review
3. Specific non-technical skill and relevance to patient safety in current or future healthcare practice. ( communication = speaking up )
4. Reflection on what you have learned and applied
5. Conclusions on the way forward in implementing change

• The non-technical skill already chosen that is communication ( especially the speaking up ) , the simulation case presented in the PowerPoint. I made a presentation for this topic and the essay would be an extend of the presentation. Also the simulation case presented in the PowerPoint , you should take it from there .
• For that presentation I had a feedback of : Structured approach with clinical reference criteria included
– case simulation may benefit with adjunct template to help detail Ensure link literature to simulation case also


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