Evidence-Based Project Critical Appraisal of Research PICOT Question

The first part of the assignment is a template called the Critical Appraisal Tool. You have completed a matrix before, so this is a similar type of assignment, but it will ask you to consider in-depth each part of the research for each article you have chosen for your PICOT question. Your articles can be ones you have used before, but they must relate to the variables in your PICOT question and be of high-level research. You need to only submit the Critical Appraisal Tool
completely filled out for Part 1.
The second part of the assignment is a 1-2 page paper asking you to identify a practice that has emerged from the research in your Critical Appraisal Tool
with justification. For this paper you will have a title page, an introduction, purpose and conclusion with a reference page that includes your 4 research articles, 2 outside references and 2-3 course references. (Please adhere to the 1-2 page length for the content: this is not counting title and reference page).

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