Explain what kind of marketing approach this is.

Discussion thread:Dont forget reference from course author(Eric N.Berkowitz) at leat one .(HA
525 Marketing Management for Health Care Professionals 202003SPIIOL OL-B ).
Marketer Y is a highly motivated employee who was hired as an outreach marketer for a physical
therapy practice. He is keen on getting results quickly. His role is to get patient referrals from
orthopedic specialists in the surrounding area. The scope of his work consists of daily visits to
doctors’ offices highlighting the key selling points and uniqueness of the physical therapy
practice and the referral process.
Marketer Y continuously brings expensive gifts to offer to the doctor’s office staff, who always
refuse his gestures of kindness.
Explain what kind of marketing approach this is. Justify your answer with examples or evidence
from the readings, presentations, or your own research.

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