Expo 2021 Dubai-the most sustainable World Expos ever Case Study

1. Expo 2021 Dubai-the most sustainable World Expos ever- case study .
• Minimum work requirements: • In the work, please refer to the most important concepts related to the topic: definitions, evolution/history of sustainable development, principles of sustainability, types of sustainability, explain why is sustainability so important, the leader’s role in developing in the sustainability in the organization, etc. • Please choose and describe tas many examples of solutions/behaviors/actions/strategy from Xxpo 2021 Dubai. Which can support the statement “ sustainability is ingrained in everything we’ve been doing – from buildings and construction to establishing a lasting legacy long after Expo is over”.
• Next, I am asking for a critical assessment of the examples described from the perspective of the author/authors of the work, in the context of sustainability philosophy implementation.

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