Factor Analysis or Cluster Analysis Study

1- PROBLEM: What “problem” motivates the study (must be substantiated by the literature)?
2- LIT REVIEW: Summarize several key studies that help to justify the study (appropriate citations and references required)
3- RESEARCH QUESTION: Clarify the research question(s) base on the literature review.
4- STUDY DESIGN: Clarify the study design (sample, sample size, research design, data collection method) for collecting the data for a new study or the nature of the secondary data set (same content as above).
5- VARIABLES/MEASUREMENT: Clarify the measurement of the variables. It is very important that you are clear on the specific variables that will comprise the analysis. Both of these approaches work at the item level…so the instructor needs to see a list of all of the variables. Remember, the variables should be ordinal or interval level.
7- level Identify any limitation (e.g., threats to the internal or external validity, quality of measurement) of the study.
Don forget to add APA references, please

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