Fatigue and Burnout in Airport and Airline Staff: Pilots, Crews, and Ground Operators

Fatigue and burnout affect the performance of airline and airport staff including pilots, crew, and ground operators. This is a topic that can take any direction. By this point, students should have completed an in-depth reading of their sources and extracted data, quotes, and paraphrases that will be used in the outline. The 3-Tier Outline provides an organized method for keeping track of the source information that matches the details/notes being collected.

The purpose of this 3-Tier Outline is to plan the Capstone Proposal Paper, think through the layout, formulate the Capstone Thesis Statement along with a minimum of two lenses to support and oppose the need or the issue, and begin to weave a Biblical worldview into the topic of the paper. A 3-Tier Outline has three levels of information. In other words, start with your heading, then to your sub-heading, and finally your section. See below.


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