Firefighting Strategies and Tactics

Each student is required to complete a descriiptive research report, in APA format, from
the perspective of the Incident Commander, detailing the following items related to the
Lesson 10 Case Study:
Provide a scene size-up in accordance with the standard operating procedure
utilized by the organization that you represent.
Provide a copy of the Standard Operating Procedure in the form of
an Appendix A of your report.
o If you are not affiliated with an organization identify an organization and
provide a copy of their Standard Operating Procedure regarding scene
size-up, or refer to the content found in Lesson 4 content and Chapter 4 of
the course textbook.
Provide a copy of the Standard Operating Procedure you utilize in
the form of an Appendix A of your report.
Identify and discuss hazards associated with Multiple-Family Dwelling fires and
as observed in the case study video.
Identify and discuss the incident priorities for this case study.
Identify and discuss the nine (9) strategic goals listed in the course textbook as
they relate to the case study video and how you would address each goal.
Provide a meaningful conclusion and/or recommendations section that is
grounded in the content of your narrative.
* Use Times New Roman font size 12 for your class project.
Eastern Gateway Community College
Fire Science Program
* Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association [APA],
6th edition as reference to complete the class project.

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