Food Ethics Presentation

In a 4-5 page research paper, discuss a specific food topic or event, and make an argument about the relevant ethical issues surrounding it. Provide supporting details by using in-text citations to cite peer-reviewed sources. The time period and geographic region have been left open-ended—try to pick a topic that interests you!

Some example paper topics are: food insecurity due to famine, use of pesticides on a crop, food access in inner cities, treatment of domestic food animals, food waste, the use of traditional farmland to produce non-food crops.

However, you are not limited to these examples.


  • 4-5 pages (double-spaced), plus a bibliography
  • 12pt font, Times New Roman
  • Put your name, eid, and a title at the top of the first page
  • Include Page Numbers
  • 1-inch margins
  • Chicago-Style Bibliography, and Author-Date Chicago Style in-text citations (no footnotes)
  • Use at least 8 peer-reviewed journals or books—DO NOT USE ENCYLOPEDIAS, OR WEBSITES that are not journal web sites
  • Use paraphrasingDO NOT QUOTE OTHER AUTHORS

What Makes a Good Paper?

Organization is key. Research papers should include an introduction that lays out the chosen topic and the ethical argument you will present. Keep in mind that the introduction is not a “story”, and try to make it concise. It should include a clear thesis statement—the main claim that you are going to make in your paper—often as the final sentence.

In the body of the essay, give relevant background information about the chosen topic, and present your argument about the ethical issues. Use specific supporting details from your sources, by paraphrasing the other authors and giving in-text citations. For this paper, DO NOT DIRECTLY QUOTE other authors.

Your conclusion should briefly re-state the main points you have presented and end with some closing remarks—it should not introduce new ideas. Look at some of the assigned readings from this course for sample introductions and conclusions.

Double check spelling and grammar. Be mindful of run-on sentences, and break up excessively long paragraphs, or expand small paragraphs as needed. Try to make the paper flow, and use topic sentences to make it clear what each paragraph will address. If you want, you may use subheadings to organize your paper.


For Chicago-Style Citations: ( Click the author-date tab.

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