Forecasting and Budgeting

Forecasting and Budgeting (4 marks) -yifei
Draw up the aircraft patterns for a sample week of your airline timetable. i.e. schedule the
aircraft covering the routes you operate. Demonstrate the maintenance slots for the whole
fleet, and the city in which the maintenance takes place. You will have noted from the
simulation that curfews apply at many airports. You are only required to show a typical 1
week operation at any point of your future 5 year plan. This is meant to reinforce the
learnings from Assignment 1 so that everyone is clear as to how to present a 1 week
scheduled operating pattern.
Once the patterns are completed the next part of the task is to;
Create a revenue and expenditure budget for the airline using information from the
simulation where appropriate. Demonstrate airfares and cost elements where appropriate.
Show route profits, seat factors, overall profit and loss, and other financial indicators.
Costs will be presented on a cents per ASK basis rather than making a detailed examination
of all cost items. You should be sure to show how this develops over the 5 years of your
future business plan

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