Functionalism in Sociology: United States- Mexico Border Fences

1. In 1 page or more, explain how a functionalist perspective would likely be applied by a sociologist to explain the functional uses of United States- Mexico Border fences. First, define what is meant by functionalism in sociology or answer several of the questions below. For example, why does the U.S./ Mexico
border exist? Why do countries and the state depend on borders for stability? Who benefits directly or indirectly because of the building of walls and fences?
What are the manifest, latent, and/ or possible social dysfunctions of borders, fences, and walls between the U.S. and Mexico? Next, outline how a functionalist would likely frame the need for borders and fences as a way produce stability and authority in society. You are are encouraged to use functionalist terms (See list below) and apply a minimum 4 as best as you can in explaining the positive uses of United States- Mexico Border fences.
Outside statistics or pro or con websites on borders can be used (including any statistics) but be sure to demonstrate you can make use of the “sociological
imagination” (C. Wright Mills) here.
Continuity/ Stability
Manifest Functions
Latent Functions
Consensus/ Social Equilibrium

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