Global Health: Factors that Impact Health and Health Care Delivery


9-10 page article

3 references at a minimum

Please answer all parts of the following 6:

  1. Describe the factors that impact health and health care delivery associated with a global health issue, showing an in-depth understanding of the relationship between a variety of factors and the quality of health care
  2. Explain the influence of altruistic organizations on health and health care practices associated with a global health care issue, and consider the likely outcomes of being without the aid of the organizations
  3. Explain how health care decisions and practices at a local level relate to health care delivery on a global scale, using relevant real-world examples
  4. Describe interventions implemented to address a global health care issue, and include both conventional and unconventional interventions
  5. Recommend evidence-based interventions to promote wellness and disease prevention associated with a global health care issue
  6. Provide well-sourced background information and statistics on a global health care issues, and identify likely causes of the health care issue

Topic suggestions:

  • Mental Health
  • Communicable Diseases- HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Malaria
  • Non-Communicable Diseases- Cancer, Lung disease, Heart disease
  • Disabilities

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