Global heath disease burden

Purpose: The purpose of this SHORT PAPER is to help the student understand global heath in terms of a pandemic’s (in this course, COVID-19) disease burden as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Read the assignment in its entirety prior to initiating the activity.

Step one:

Read: Stanhope and Lancaster (2015) Chapter 15

Watch the short YouTube video that explains Burden of Disease, QALYs and DALYs, YLL and YDL in very simple terms:

Visit the following websites to compare and contrast the COVID-19 statistics from:

WHO:   CDC:   California Department of Public Health: City of San Diego Health and Human Services:

Step two:

Using APA format, write up your brief, clear and concise paper (no more than 4 pages excluding your title page and references list for a maximum of 6 pages) to include the following (*Hint: 1-2 brief paragraphs for each section):

  1. A brief explanation of the COVID-19 pandemic (this information is given on several of the above websites).
  2. Describe the differences between the 4 levels of statistics that you reviewed.  Using APA format, develop a table that compares the total number of cases, total mortalities, % of Deaths per population, total vaccinations and % of vaccinations (untitled sample below).  How do the populations compare?  Are state and local levels better or worse than country and/or world levels?  Do you see any correlation between the % of deaths and % of vaccinations?
Source Total COVID-19 Cases Total Deaths % of Deaths per Population Total Vaccinations % of Vaccinations per Population
Ca Dept of Public Health          
San Diego DHHS          
  1. Briefly explain burden of disease and impact on the world, country, state and city level (*Hint: the impact may be the same for all 4 settings)
  2. Briefly define and explain how QALYs, DALYs, YLL and YDL are related to burden of disease.
  3. Next, identify ONE outside article that describes an intervention that will assist in the treatment or prevention of COVID-19.  It may be applicable to the world, country, state OR city level.
  4. Finally, describe how you as a nurse will apply this knowledge and share with your community of interest.

Step 3:

Label your paper Last name_First name_Burden of COIVD-19 (EX: Hanisch_Tyke_Burden of COVID 19) and submit to the appropriate assignments tab


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