Health and Social Care: Gender impact on health and illness.


–50% of module mark

–3,000 words (minimum 2700 – maximum 3300, excluding reference list)

–Font size 12, space and a half

–Harvard referencing style (see quick guide in weblearn)

–References: key texts discussed in the module + additional sources (not newspapers unless you are criticising the press!)

–Follow the template: title (question), introduction, analysis and conclusion

–All essays will reference at least 8 original academic sources: use in-text references

–You can include direct quotations, but make sure that you use them sparingly! – write in your own words so we can assess if you understand the concepts.


For your essay you need to answer only ONE question below:

–1. How does gender impact on health and illness? In which ways can intersectionality contribute to our understanding of gender and health?

–2. How might stigma impact on a person with mental health problems? How can services improve to address stigma-associated issues?

–3.  What are the challenges of involving service-users in health services? What sociological perspectives can help us explain those challenges?

Further Guidance

–Title: Simply type your chosen question.

–1.Introduction: signpost the reader about the content of your essay: which topics you will discuss, which theories/authors/concepts you will use; how you will apply notions (specific disease/ services) as part of your analysis.

–2. Analysis:

–A. Critically engage with the sociological literature and evidence: Start with key definitions and key concepts in relation to your chosen question

–B. Apply concepts and theories to specific diseases, conditions and/or healthcare contexts in the UK (NHS, patients/service users, other services). Include relevant statistical/ demographic/ epidemiological/research data.

–3. Conclusion: conclude by answering the question and justifying your answer. You may also consider the implications of your analysis and further relevant questions



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