Health Care Article Summary

Pretty straight forward. All you need to do is read the article and then answer a couple questions
about the article in summary form. Basically write a one page summary of the article but making
sure you’re answering the 7 questions provided below. It needs to be a a minimum one page, so
going over a page is okay.
1) What is the research question(s) or topics(s)?
2) Why is the research question(s) important/timely?
3)Why is the research question(s) unique or difficult to answer?
4)How do the authors attempt to answer the question(s)?
– Discuss data, methods, strengths, and limitations
5) What are the main results?
6) What are the implications of the results for health and medical decision making?
7) Pose one question pertaining to this study that you would like the class to discuss

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